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    A new tool for More scholars

         Jackson C. Boswell is the author of a book which lists the references and allusions to Thomas More in works published between 1500 and 1640: Sir Thomas More in the English Renaissance: An Annotated Catalogue, Binghamton: Medieval and the Renaissance Texts and Studies, 1994.

          The papers which we present here are the sequel of his compilation. They concern the years 1641-1700.

          The first 4 parts of J.C. Boswell's papers were published in Moreana. The files next page, can be downloaded.

          This catalogue represents a precious tool for every specialist or student of Thomas More and the English Renaissance. It brings complements - and sometimes corrections - to the previous compilations of R.W. Gibson and Franck and Majie P. Sullivan: St Thomas More: A preliminary Bibliography, Yale, U.P., 1961.