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    NEW - Special Issue Elizabeth McCutcheon - Moreana 201-202 décembre 2015
      Liber Amicorum - A Collection of Essays by Elizabeth McCutcheon - 464 pages

    The December 2015 Moreana issue has been titled Liber Amicorum, as it is the result of a joint enterprise carried out by a number of friends. The main friend involved is Elizabeth McCutcheon, who is the
    sole author of the 20 scholarly articles of the volumeand has accepted to publish a collection of her best essays published in other journals and books than Moreana all along her career. A number of her friends have participated in this unusual Festschrift and contributed short papers or letters.

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    My Dear Peter - Moreana Eds, 1983
      The Ars Poetica and Hermeneutics for More’s Utopia

    Author : Elizabeth McCUTCHEON - In. 12 br. 102 p.

    The best key to Utopia.
    "Treating the letter as a poetics and hermeneutics for Utopia, My Dear Peter is concerned with what I have come to think of as an aesthetics of honest deception, designed by More to exercise the mind, imagination, and moral sense of the reader." (E. McCucheon)

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    Pour l'Amour du Ciel - Moreana Eds., 2012
      La mort, le péché et l'Au-delà dans les écrits de Thomas More
    Author : Marie-Claire PHELIPPEAU
    Preface by Germain Marc'hadour – Moreana Editions, 426 p.

    Why did Thomas More repeatedly refuse to sign Henry VIII's oath, until he had no choice but suffer a traitor's death? For heaven's sake!
    Marie-Claire Phélippeau does not research the political motivations that justified More's opposition to his sovereign but the spiritual reasons that led him to prefer martyrdom.
    The analysis draws on the history of ideas and mentalities taking into account the evolution of the conception of death and sin in Western thought.
    The polemics due to the advance of the Reformers' ideas led More to affirm his demanding conception of salvation, defending against Luther the notion of personal merit.
    Pour l'Amour du Ciel draws on the whole of Thomas More's life and writings, to follow and explain his unique albeit diverse desire of heaven. 

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    L'Utopie - Thomas More - Mame ed, 1978
      French critical edition of Utopia by André Prévost

    Author : Thomas MORE. 783 p.

    French reference translation and André PRÉVOST's comments with the facsimile Latin text of the Basel edition of November 1518. Linen cover.
    In 1515 More wrote his most famous and controversial work, Utopia. More contrasts the contentious social life of European states with the perfectly orderly and reasonable social arrangements of Utopia, where private property does not exist and almost complete religious toleration is practised.
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    Saint Thomas More - La liberté ou l'échafaud - Ed Téqui, 2015
      Author:  Catherine Bertrand-Garnerie - for youth from 11

         - I shall tolerate no opposition in this affair! Roars out the king whose face twists into one threatening grimace.
    Thomas More remains seated; he keeps silent.
         - Churchmen... all traitors! And you, More, fulminates the king, stretching out an accusing finger towards his Chancellor. You are my friend, More, do not forget it!

         As the Chancellor of England, does Thomas More have to obey the king, at the risk of losing himself? Or resist, at the risk of losing everything?

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    Thomas More's Pageants - Morena Eds, 2011
    English-French book of poems by Thomas More
    Translation André CRÉPIN - 18 images by Mary BAIRD-SMITH
    "Mayster Thomas More in his youth devysed in hys fathers house in London, a goodly hanging of fine paynted clothe, with nyne pageauntes, and verses over every of those pageauntes."
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    Medieval Heroes for Modern Times - Moreana Eds, 2011
      Gonzalo Fernandez de Cordoba, Christopher Colombus

    Author : Anonymous. Italian-English bilingual edition of an unpublished Italian 16th century poem.  Introduction, notes and translation into English by Stelio Cro – Moreana Editions, 87 p.

    This poem of 712 lines is an anonymous work, probably written in 1550, which relates the “parallel lives” of two heroes linked to the Discovery of the New World, Gonzalo de Córdoba, known as El Gran Capitán, who had earlier on fought for the Reconquista, and Christopher Columbus. “The two characters represent the two faces of the coin. The Great Captain is the foreign heir of the Cid, fighting and conquering Italy for his Kings; Columbus is the new man, a magnificent representative of the Renaissance and of Christian Humanism”. The poem praises the heroes who made Spain a great kingdom and changed the face of the world.

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    Richard Mulcaster c. 1531-1611 - S.P.M., 2013
      Un éducateur de la Renaissance anglaise

    Author : Jacqueline Cousin-Desjobert. Volume illustré de 434 pp.

         Ce livre est une nouvelle édition, allégée d'une annexe en latin, du livre publié en 2003 sous
    le titre La Théorie et la pratique d’un éducateur élisabéthain Richard Mulcaster c.1531-1611 dont Jean-Claude Margolin propose un compte-rendu dans le numéro 176 de Moreana en juin 2009.
         « Brillant lettré de Cambridge et Oxford, Membre du Parlement,
    Richard Mulcaster accepta la tâche ingrate de maître d’école à Londres au service des marchands-tailleurs et marchands de soie. Tenu d’enseigner strictement les lettres classiques à leurs fils, il chercha dans sa longue pratique de directeur de « grammar-schools » à éduquer à la fois le corps et l’esprit par la valorisation de l’exercice et des sports, dont le tennis et le football…
         Disciple de Juan Luis Vives, il prôna l’usage de la langue vernaculaire
    selon des règles strictes tout en rêvant d’une formation efficace de maîtres convaincus de leur mission et d’une politique de sélection de futures élites capables d’œuvrer au bien commun au lieu d’encombrer la société de leur oisiveté et il suggéra d’admettre les filles sur les bancs de l’école… »

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    Rome ou l'Angleterre ? Eds. P.U.F., 1984

    Auteur : Jean-Pierre MOREAU, Professeur Emeritus Sorbonne Nouvelle. Publications de l'université de Poitiers - Lettres et Sciences Humaines, 377 p.

    A study of the political reactions of English Catholics at the time of Henry VIII and the break with Rome (1529-1553)

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    Praying with Saint Thomas More - Moreana Eds, 1998

    Author : Thomas MORE, by Germain MARC’HADOUR and Jocelyne MALHOMME. In. 12 br. 96 p. Illustrated cover.

    Foreword by Sean BRADY, Archbishop of Armagh.

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    In the Shadow of a Saint, Lady Alice More - 1988

    Author : Ruth NORRINGTON

    Revised Editions, Edmund Culverwell. In. 4 bound with many illustrations, 170 p.

    Elizabeth Longford : Great men's women often get a bad press, whether deserved or not. More's Dame Alice hitherto bad press has been undeserved, as this absorbing book convincingly shows. With her mother-wit, long nose, strong character and practical gifts, she rightly became More's diminutive "lion".

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    Vies de Jean Vitrier et de John Colet - Moreana Eds, 1982

    Author : ERASMUS - Bilingual edition Latin-French.
    Translation and presentation by André GODIN. Jean-Claude MARGOLIN's foreword. In. 12 br. 160 p.

         Erasmus concludes: "Here we are, my dear Josse, two men of our time who were according to me true and authentic Christians; a sketch rather than a picture, as much as the limited space of a letter allows it. ... I answer that they seem to me also laudable in spite of the difference of the situations ".

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    Poèmes anglais - Moreana Eds, 2004

    Author : Thomas MORE - French-English bilingual edition.

    French translation by André CRÉPIN, member of the Académie Française. Preface by Germain MARC' HADOUR. Illustrations by Hans HOLBEIN. In. 12 br. 156 p.

    Fortune is the dominant subject of this collection.

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    John Fisher, sa vie, son oeuvre - Moreana Eds, 1972
      Humanist - Bishop réformer - Martyr

    Author: Jean Rouschausse. 413 p.

    Complete Title: La Vie et l'Oeuvre de John Fisher, évêque de Rochester (1469-1535)
    Four Parts: Itinéraires (1469-1504) ; Evêque de Rochester (1504-1535) ; Défense de l'orthodoxie (1519-1527) ; Apothêose de la folie (1527-1535)

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