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Thomas More and History September 13-14, 2018
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  • Les voix du dialogue chez Thomas More

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  • Les premières utopies : des Cités de Dieu ?

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  • L'Utopie de Thomas More

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    Bruges 2016 - SCSC
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  • Utopia and De Tristitia Christi
  • Margaret Roper and Erasmus

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  • Humanism and spirituality

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    June 2017

        This June 2017 Moreana is the first issue directed by Dr Travis Curtright and published by Edinburgh University Press. The first set of articles features inquiries into More's humanism and, in particular, questions raised by his Utopia. Travis Curtright proposes a fine analysis of the Latin word ingenium and its translations in More's Utopia. Gerard Wegemer examines the same text's account of pleasure in light of More's other writings. Although with a different angle, Ismael del Olmo and Michael Foley both consider religion in Utopia. Then, Louis Karlin and Jordan Teti explore Utopia and the legal philosophical concept of equity. Two other essays also concern Utopia.
        The other two contributors reveal the importance of translation for humanists such as More. Brandon Alakas turns to one of More's earliest works and ponders More's English appropriation of Gianfrancesco's Vita Ioannis Pici Mirandulae (Life of Pico), and Gerald Malsbary provides a new English translation of More's own Latin translation of Lucian's The Cynic. Two book reviews also feature in this new formula: Erasmus's Life of Origen... by Thomas P. Scheck and Thomas More's Utopia, Arguing for Social Justice by Ann Marie Klein.

    Table of Contents
               Article Abstracts            Book Reviews


    December 25 - Gazette Thomas More No.34 on line!

    Our remodeled publication is in two parts :

      - One dedicated to the news of our society,
    notes and information concerning our Morean
     activities such as conferences and seminars.
    Other pages contain echoes and press cuttings.

      - The other dedicated to articles or translations addressing a wider readership than academic specialists. The first pages, ‘Winds of Research’, report on
    Morean scholars’ work in progress.

    December 21, 2016 - Marie-Claire's last Moreana - No.205-206

         This December 2016 Moreana is remarkable for the quality of its illustrations. Thanks to Michael Zhang's study of Thomas More's family paintings, we've been given permission to reproduce the Basel sketch and a number of other paintings in a higher definition than ever before.
         Another prominent feature of this issue is the moving "In Memoriam Dominic Baker-Smith", signed by Frank Mitjans and Elizabeth McCutcheon. It was particularly sad to say "adieu" to our champion of Utopia in the year More's masterpiece celebrated its 500th anniversary. The eulogy is well worth discovering as this time Dominic's testimony - brilliantly related by his friend - helps us understand how Thomas More can be the best companion for the last season of one's life.
         Following the Bruges Sixteenth Century Studies conference, Utopia is the topic of a number of good essays, and a few papers given at Bruges have found their way in this Moreana. Others will appear in the June 2017 issue.

    Table of Contents           Article Abstracts            Book Reviews

    November 5, 2016 - CTMS - University of Dallas
         See the Acts of the Seminar in the menu opposite left.

         Sharing Friendship  -   The Amici Thomae Mori society was particularly honored by the CTMS during the closing dinner of the Seminar on Utopia of November 4th and 5th, 2016.

         Marie-Claire and Hubert Phélippeau-Baudet quickly recalled 54 years of Amici Thomae Mori's history during a slide-show at the end of which they passed the baton of Moreana Editorship to the CTMS.
    Slide Show

    August 18-20, 2016 - Bruges Conference
    June 30, 2016 - Moreana 203-204 is published
    June 30, 2016 - Gazette Thomas More No.33 online
    April 6 - Marie-Claire Phélippeau on air with Radio Notre Dame

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