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    Book Reviews

    Recenly published Book Reviews in Moreana can be read in full and downloaded at the following pages:

    Moreana Vol.54.1 - 207 (June 2017)
              Thomas P. Scheck, Erasmus's Life of Origen: A New Annotated Translation of the Prefaces to Erasmus of Rotterdam's Edition of Origen's Writings (1536)
              Lawrence Wilde, Thomas More's Utopia: Arguing for Social Justice

    Moreana Vol.53.2 - 205-206 (December 2016)
              Erasme de Rotterdam, Vie de saint Jérôme. REVIEWER     Marie-Claire Phélippeau
              Enrique García Hernán. Vives y Moro: La amistad en tiempos difíciles. REVIEWER     Alvaro Silva

    Moreana 203-204 (June 2016)
              Travis Curtright, ed., Thomas More: Why Patron of Staesmen?
               James McConica, Tomás Moro, Spanish translation by Francisco Mitjans
               ERASMUS, The Correspondance of Erasmus Letters 2204 to 2356

    Moreana 201-202 (December 2015) Liber Amicorum
              This issue is a special Elizabeth McCutcheon one and there is no Book Reviews in it.

    Moreana 199-200 (June 2015)
              Hernán Corral Talciani, El Proceso contra Tomás Moro 
              Thomas Betteridge, Writing Faith and Telling Tales: Literature, Politics and Religion in the Work of Thomas More

    Moreana 197-198 (December 2014)
              Sophie Chiari & Hélène Palma, dir., Transmission et Transgression, Cultural Challenges in Early Modern England 

    Moreana 195-196 (June 2014)
              Thomas Middleton, Un monde de fous, messieurs ! 
              Verena Theile et Andrew D. McCarthy, Staging the Superstitions of Early Modern Europe
              John Colet, On the Ecclesiastical Hierarchy of Dionysus

    Moreana 193-194 (December 2013)
              Timothy Chesters, Walking By Night: Ghost stories in Late Renaissance France
              Thomas More, Utopia, Translated, edited, and introduced by Dominic Baker- Smith

    Moreana 191-192 (June 2013)
              Bernard Cottret, Thomas More : La face cachée des Tudors.
              Tomas Moro, Epigramas,
              Thomas Penn, Winter King: Henry VII and the Dawn of Tudor England,
              Travis Curtright, The One Thomas More.
              Joseph Sterrett, The Unheard Prayer. Religious Toleration in Shakespeare’s Drama.
              Exhibition: The Northern Renaissance: Dürer to Holbein, The Royal Collection, The Queen’s Gallery

    Moreana 189-190 (December 2012)
              Clarence H. MILLER, Erasmus and Luther: The Battle over Free Will
              Wilhelm RIBHEGGE, Erasmus von Rotterdam
              Henry VIII, His Defence of the Faith and Its Seven Sacraments
              Lee Palmer Wandel, The Reformation: Towards a New History
              Brad S. Gregory, The Unintended Reformation

    Moreana 187-188 (June 2012)
              Clarence H. MILLER, Humanism & Style; Essays on Erasmus and More
              Gerard B. WEGEMER, Young Thomas More and the Arts of Liberty
              Sophie CHIARI. L'image du labyrinthe à la Renaissance
              Vincent NICHOLS, St John Fisher, Bishop and Theologian
              Orna Alyagon DARR: Marks of an absolute Witch

    Moreana 185-186 (December 2011)
              Thomas More’s “Utopia” in Early Modern Europe: Paratexts and Contexts
              The Cambridge Companion to Thomas More

    Moreana 183-184 (June 2011)
              Fanny MOGHADDASSI, Géographies du monde, géographies de l’âme
              Gabriela SCHMIDT. Thomas More und die Sprachenfrage
              Pascal DROUET et Yan BRAILOWSKY (éd.), Le Bannissement et l’exil en Europe aux XVIe et XVIIe siècles
              Eric NELSON, The Hebrew Republic: Jewish Sources and the Transformation of European Political Thought

    Moreana 181-182 (December 2010)
              Cédric MICHON, La Crosse et le Sceptre : Les prélats d’Etat sous François Ier et Henri VIII
              Thomas MIDDLETON, The Collected Works
              Thomas Middleton and Early Textual Culture. A Companion to the Collected Works
              Timothy HAMPTON, Fictions of Embassy: Literature and Diplomacy in Early Modern Europe
              ERASMUS’ defence of his DE LIBERO ARBITRIO

    Moreana 179-180 (June 2010)
              Muriel CUNIN, Shakespeare et l'architecture : nouvelles inventions pour bien bâtir et bien jouer
              Line COTTEGNIES, François LAROQUE et Jean-Marie MAGUIN (dir.), Théâtre élisabéthain
              Hilary MANTEL, Wolf Hall
              Robert HUTCHINSON, Thomas Cromwell: The Rise and Fall of Henry VIII’s Most Notorious Minister